The owner supplied headworks screens and screening washer/compactor in the Screen Room. The demolition, removal or modifications of existing equipment structures, doors, pipework, and electrical components within or associated with the headworks room. This will also include the recoating surfaces/walls. New electrical, instrumentation and controls system will be required will in the pump station and operations centre for the new components. A new rock trap chamber and slab for septic dumps. Also included is a new heat pump/air conditioning system in the operations centre. A new low-pressure air (LPA) supply pipe is required from the operations centre to oxidation ditches. Two (2) new rotary lobe WAS pumps in the sludge pump station #2 complete with a flow meter, valves, pipings, and tie-ins. Lastly, due to corrosion, the replacement of the existing bio filter roof structure is included along with other miscellaneous work.


The City Of Campbell River


Opus Dayton and Knight